." Dylan murmured.His face was red and wide eyed. It was clear he was nervous but clearly liked what he was seeing. Ashley removed her mouth from my b...east and began removing her bra. As her bra hit the ground she brought her hands to her breasts squeezing them."I wish I had breasts like that," Ashley said while biting her lip.Her breasts were smaller than mine but they were perfect, probably a C cup."Your breasts are amazing too," Dylan said while leaning over me, moving Ashley's hands away,. Was it not? I could not bring back the unfortunate soul I had killed, but if I were to save others from the same fate, surely that would be some atonement for my sin? ~ooOoo~It took me three nights. Three nights away from my new love. During those nights I searched, wandering the streets where the monster’s victims had been found, letting my mind, and my other finely tuned senses work. I finally found him in the early hours when most were already abed. It was the evil I sensed first. The foul. "Hey, are some of those soldiers female?"Felek looked again, leaning out beside his friend. Some of the Hussars had their helmets off."Huh. You're right. Must be the new batch of recruits." Maybe they're coming with us!"Felek laughed, punching Issa in the shoulder."Dream on!"Turning his back to the dock, Felek looked around the ship. Still no sign of Ruta. Not good. He nudged Issa's arm."I'm gonna look for Ruta. She should be up here by now." I'll go with y-"Issa stopped as Ruta rose into view.. We laughed and just to get going I asked her if she could accompany me to my apartment, which is in south extension. At first she refrained but, then she accepted my offer after conversing for the next 30 mins.By the way I didn’t tell you that lady is reena and she’s 36 years old, married with no child.She looked like 36d-34-38 to me and was very voluptuous, sort of an aunty type material.We entered my apartment and without wasting any more time I offered her a glass of water and told her what.

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