My heart just melted as She walked into the studio, smiling and saying "hi" to me. I absolutely adore Her. I'd even got a bunch of flowers for Her - q...ite impressive for a perv, eh? How I wish one day She'd let me be Her gardener, handyman, odd job man, gofor, chauffeur, minder, dogsbody, cleaner, errand boy - I'd love to be at Her beck and call and wait on Her hand and foot, it would be utter bliss and fulfilling my life's greatest dreams. If you're a perv like me then you'll know that. Her smiling face upturned and expectant, mouth parted and tongue waiting for his treasure. As he cums his seed shoots from his engorged tip he catches it all in the gusset of Cathy’s panties. He puts the cum stained underwear back in the drawer for her to find later.It’s a regular thing he does but so far she hasn’t mentioned it. Yeah she knows what he would do to her if he had the opportunity. Coming back downstairs he watches more TV and drifts off to sleep only to be awoken by a banging. “Suck his cock baby, show him how good you are. Remember he is bisexual.”Determined to do just that I grab his ass cheeks and urge his cock into my mouth. Sexual pleasure personified for me, a hung man licking my cunt and a much younger hung bisexual man’s cock between my lips.I promised Roger I would squirt for him and the thought and anticipation of squirting soon, very soon, as huge sexual relief while two men watch is a wonderful sensation as I orgasm again.The way Roger is licking me is. She brought my somewhat limber dick back to full attention with a few artful contractions of her pelvic muscles, then began riding me, slowly and deliciously. She sat up and threw off the covers when we both began to perspire, proudly displaying her gorgeous body to my avid gaze. ‘Watch and remember, Jacky-love,’ she whispered. ‘This is what a woman who loves and trusts you completely looks like.’ She kneaded her round breasts and pinched the nipples before lowering her hands to her pussy,.

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