“What do you think”? “High heels” I blurted out.. smiling she went to cupboard where her shoes were kept and put on some white high-heeled sho...s. Man what a picture!!!!Should I do this I suddenly thought to myself?? Fuck it yeah I laughed in my head… I tilted my head like she had done earlier and said “sorry girl we need to show the big cocks what they are getting.. and that means titty and pussy”…My wife then suddenly changed and I could see her mind thinking something over.. she then spoke,. Her hips matched the rhythm of my strokes as though we were one. I drove in and out of her.Suddenly her body arched and throwing back and yelled, "I AM CUMMING AGAIN. OH OHHH SAAAHHHEEEEEBBBBBBBBB," and fell back on the bed gasping for breath.I placed her legs on my shoulders and bending her further banged my cock inside her ass hole. "AAAAAAYYYYYYIIIIIIIEEEEEEE, SAHEB IT HURTS," she screamed as my cock buried itself inside her ass hole."Kya pahele kissi ne gaand nahin maari? (Has no one fucked. I have them in my hand now. Sniff!! Sniff!! They still smell of you, after all these months, they still have the smell of your wild wet pussy.It was time to fuck, it was time to penetrate you and cum deep inside you.I took off your tshirt as well and made you naked, sat on he seat and had you mount me. Your pussy was a nice fit. Warm, wet, holding my dick and not wanting to let go of it. You rode away to glory making yourself cum till you were tired of moving any more.I took a newspaper from a. From top to bottom. I watch every piece of her body. Now and then a quick kiss on her body. From neck, breasts, belly and back, I start with her ass, the back of her legs and feet. Thereafter going up towards her pussy. Her body glitters by the waterdrops. I cannot resist kissing her pussy. Here? Lets go to the guestroom, she says. After I washed my dick, I walk into the guestroom. She lies naked on the bed. Lying on her back, her legs a little bit spread and looking horny to me. This is the.

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