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I’m too hot.”“Me, too.”We tossed Matt’s blankets onto the floor and savoredthe feeling of the cooler air over our naked ...eenagebodies. It was somewhat ironic that I’d come into hisroom originally to stay warm and now was too warm!“Hey, Hannah?”“Yeah?”“Do you mind if I turn on a light this time? I wannasee you when we do it.”“Sure,” I said with a shrug.Then we both spent several minutes going “argh”. No ... that's a dumb thing ... but maybe..." Gathering up his courage ... the reporter was extremely cute and he was very lonely... "Perhaps you'd care to come by and tape a class..."She suddenly realized he was tall, blond, good looking in a geeky sort of way ... and he had these blue eyes that looked into your soul ... She blinked. 'Oh god, I'm so horny, ' she thought. Unconsciously, she reached up and unbuttoned a button on her wool dress. "I'd love to come in and do a class."Her cameraman. The only thing that worried her was if she was supposed to ask to move or just wait. She decided that making the headmistress wait might be the worse option."May I move to sign Ma'am?" Yes Porter, remove the book from your head, place it on the table and sign your enrolment forms."Sarah reached up and removed the leather-bound book from her head and moved to place it on the table. She reached for the pen and looked at the papers. There was her mother’s and step-father’s signature, there was the. She still marveled that she ever thought she could be happy with him, she had come off a bad breakup, was in her forties, allready divorced, and she wanted security. Well, Marco had a nice pension, and he was only in his early fifties, could keep giving her his 3600 each month, she never gave him any money back, only let him use a credit card when he shopped for groceries, picked up her dry cleaning, and such, not bad, she giggled, he gave her his money, she gave him her shit, literally. That.

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