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The blanket I’d laid out that afternoon was still stuffed under the canoe. I grabbed it and laid it down on the soft dirt as Jim walked under the to join me. He was in his early twenties, average height with more than a few extra pounds around his waist. His face was covered in a little scruff that probably was left in a futile attempt to make him look older. The baggy sweats he wore were black and matched his sneakers and baseball hat cocked sideways on his head. I kicked off my. We sat on the floor of the shaft looking up. I could tell Zeke had something on his mind.“You know it could take years to fully mine this vein. I for one don’t want to put that much of my life into it. We got money now Brad, enough to buy and stock a pretty large spread.”“Are you saying we should walk away?”He snorted. “Hell no. I think we should go back to civilization and get hold of one of those syndicates that will mine it for us on a percentage. I think a 60/40 split, with us getting the. "I love this," she said enthusiastically. I noticed that her coat was missing and her revealing dress was now visible. A few ladies sitting to our right were looking at her scornfully."Where's your coat?" I asked."We dropped them off at the coat room," Ashley said.I nodded to Ashley's right. "Your outfit isn't receiving universal acclaim."Ashley looked over at them. I saw one purse her lips as if she had just swallowed a whole lemon. My love ignored the reaction and then turned to whisper in my. If you hadn’t reported the fact that there was a plane crash here and that I was on it, maybe we could have gotten away with it.”“I had to,” his tears ran down his cheeks.“I know you did. I don’t blame you. We still have a few weeks until they come for me. Until then we can still have our nightly fun. I look forward to you and me doing hanky-panky. Let’s go to bed now. I’m a little on the horny side and there’s only one thing that will relieve my distress,” she licked his tears away from his.

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