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Should I leave my clothes on?” Alice reached for zipper on her side.“Yes, just for now, although I’m sure the restaurant staff would delight in ...our alternative idea.”Jim leaned in, “First, I want to do a happiness check with you about everything going on with our group. We sort of descended on you over a month ago, and it’s been pretty intense sex ever since. I want you to know that there’s more to what’s going on.”“Did you mean it when you told me you loved me?”“More than you know.”“Then I am. I’m not even sure that she knew I was there at that point! She stroked herself with her right hand while she placed her left hand on my ass cheek and gently pushed me into her or put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me away from her. She was working me to get the most out of my penis contacting the outside of her vagina. Then she moved her right hand down and began to stroke me. She used my penis like a dildo, sliding the tip this way and that over her clitoris, plunging it part-way into her. She wanted something that was easier to manage, get in get out move on. Tonight she was going out to meet someone for their first date. The met on xhamster's friends page. He was apparently a well hung black guy. Aren't they all according to their profile pics? I was to stay at home. She promised to text updates. We were both excited. We had been a cuck couple for a while now. She had really gotten in touch with her inner whore. If things go well and she chose to permit, I would get to listen.. She had her black knee length boots on again but no leggings this time. Even wearing the pale blue tabard of the cleaning company she looked fucking amazing. She smiled at me and pushed open the door to the gents and disappeared inside.I stood, my legs trembling slightly as I took a final glance around the office... no one in sight, no computers left on. I took a deep breath and as casually as I could manage walked over to the gents. I pushed open the doors and stepped inside, flicking the lock.

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