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Chloe was right about one thing. She did in fact have a strong foot odor, but it was far from unpleasant, in fact it’s quite the opposite, especiall... for guys. The sweet perfume-like scent was captivating even hypnotizing. It’s almost like when female dogs go in heat and produce a smell that drive the male dogs insane. The thing is though because her feet were always concealed the smell never made it out. Chloe was the only one able to smell them and to her, the smell was repulsive, but if a. The look in her eyes was one of great hunger and desire. Charissa saw her younger self run into the room upon hearing the gun fire. Both looked on now, horrified. The younger Charissa stood, frozen by the woman right where she stood. The older Charissa tried to turn away. Tears ran down her face. "I can't watch this" she cried. "Please stop it!" Time seemed to stand still. Out of nowhere appeared the old man. He looked into her tear stained eyes, his eyes full of sympathy and understanding. "I. I continued to confess to Mistress how i would try them all on and masturbate while i laid on her bed in full lingere. Stockings, garters, bras, & panties. I would cum all over my tummy being very careful not to get it on Mrs. Hagan's lingere. Then i confessed to Mistress that i put on a pair of white silky panties and wore them home under my boy underwear. When i got home i hid them in a drawer where my mom wouldn't find them. Mistress asked me what i would do with them. i told her, completely. Anna trembled with excitement. She was wet and ready as she listened to the men outside her bedroom chat and then negotiate the ground rules for the evening. So far as she could understand, Alex would have her all to himself. Andy would watch and masturbate himself. There would be no dual action. Anna didn’t care, she was more than ready to cum and at this point she didn’t care whose cock serviced her, she just wanted to be serviced. Still she trembled, she nervously checked and rechecked the.

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