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My friend Lynn and one of her other local friends picked me up from my hotel and got me to the house. It didn't take long for me to see what a shit s...ow (in a good way) that the party was. Beer pong, flip cup, and other random shenanigans happening all about. I wasn't wearing a costume however so I stood out like a sore thumb. I was wearing my glasses though so I just said I was Buddy Holly with a drinking problem.Kendra was there dressed as Harley Quinn from Batman. She was looking pretty. "Bread is ready for the proofer. This is the third batch of Love bread,and there is a second batch of white to come as soon as that is out ofthe oven," Geoff said, wheeling the molder over. It was set up formaking loves, and a lump of weighed and bench-risen dough would betossed in one end. The bread would be flattened from its bench rise, andthen shaped by the molder first into a long flat oval, and then a meshchain thing at the end would roll the oval into a loaf, ready to tossinto the pan.. I made my ways to Aunty Tania room I knocked on the door and she let me in. I walked into the room and grabbed her huge meaty ass and brought her closer, I kissed her and stuck my tongue down her throat. I flicked the inside of her mouth and she let out a moan. I squeezed her ass and pushed her back towards her bed and placed her down flat on the bed. I lifted her legs and rolled down her burqa and pulled off her leggings. Revealing her panties and her creamy legs and thick thighs. Aunty. My toes cringed, my whole body felt like it was collapsing. It hurt ten times worst than loosing my virginity but felt ten times better. It was an odd mix of pain and pleasure. My hands were reaching out for something to brace myself as if that would help. I felt like all the oxygen left from my body, I couldn’t give any vocal sign of pleasure or pain and Jack started to pound on me. It was sort of like an out of body experience. Something really hurt deep inside of me but felt amazing at the.

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