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He moves his hands slowly to her slit, pulling her labia wide open, his breath cool on her exposed pussy, his head slowly, slowly approaching. She whi...pers louder, almost sobbing with desire when he finally places a soft kiss on her quivvering clit, spasms of pleasure wracking her perfectly-tuned body, waves of ecstacy washing over her like ripples in a pond, all the way out to her fingertips before echoing back. He kisses her again, timing it just perfectly to coincide with the reverberations. He had his sleeves rolled up and his arms were tremendous. At nineteen and six foot two, he had at least three inches on me in height; it was hard to believe he was only a year older; he just seemed to dominate the space around him. After supper I got out the scotch and we sat talking while Lil did the dishes. "You're a lucky bastard," he said as soon as we were alone. "Man, what a hot lady she must be!" He launched into the details of a summer he'd spent lumberjacking, which got me hot as. " I bit the corner of my bottom lip. I studied him further trying to find words to explain him. I gave up, no words could ever be able to describe him. I leaned back up, kissing him hard. He gripped my back again mashing me against his body of stone. I pulled back from him. "God I love you." He smiled crookedly but said nothing. I was slightly thrown off by this. He usually responded in some way but just a smile? I stared at him for a second "I love you..." I whispered.Again he smiled. "I love. I don’t know what she might do,” she said in a rising voice. Panic was starting to set in.“Easy,” I told her, and reached for her hand. I took her hand and patted it. I assured her that I would tell her mother a story to leave a false trail. After a few minutes, I told her, “I had better get dressed so I can be there by 0830 hrs.”I got dressed and then drove over to her mother’s house, arrived just before 0830 hrs. I went up on the porch and rang the bell. Shortly, Mrs Adams answered the door..

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