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I still wanted the bike to be my first choice for short trips, but my joints ached each time I tried going past the five mile mark. I was sure I could...make it in time.A couple of days later I had learned to make cinnamon and raisin biscuits using something called ‘Grand’ canned biscuits. They were so good that they were dangerous. I could sit, with my day old coffee, and eat the whole pan. Like I said before I could handle a slow weight gain, but not an instant one.The same day the charger for. I had only been back in town a couple of months after five years away getting my Ph.D. and starting my own business. I’d just sold the business and had enough money to do whatever I wanted. Now that was pretending to farm.Janie had latched on to me within a week of my return. I hadn’t known that almost all the available men had married. I had been vulnerable because I’d been working so hard that I’d had no time for women except as colleagues. Janie hit me like a tidal wave and I was. I don’t want to be in the Realm of the Living when the foreigners break down that door. As soon as my soul separates from my body, you will escape. Somehow you will sneak out of this cursed town and somehow you will return to the Duchy. When you return, you will find Oana. Those are my last orders.”“But.”“I am ordering you to poison me. I am ordering you to separate my soul from my body. What part of that don’t you understand?”Danka prepared a fatal dose of sedative. There was a barrel of. She should be here in about ten minutes.”‘They couldn’t have damn well done that a half hour ago?’ Emily thought, only seeing her own inconvenience.Nine minutes later, the outer door opened and all eyes turned to watch Professor Paulette Darrieux stride into the room. Dressed in a conservative skirt and a loose fitting white blouse buttoned all the way up to her neck, the short- haired brunette’s style of dress seemed more appropriate to the nineteen fifties than the early twenty-first.

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