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I had to close my eyes and just imagine Todd drenching Celica's bosoms nonstop."Fuck, Todd, I love you so much," I groaned, twitching around.I let out...a shit load of my juice with my son only a foot away. I didn't care if he was watching or looking away, he just got me so horny that all bets were off. My orgasm lasted for over a minute, and I jiggled around constantly too."I love you too, Mom."I kept my eyes closed for a moment, but calmly opened them to see him. "Holy shit, are you jacking off. I scratched my head and followed her, on the way all I could see was people staring at her as if it was the first time they had seen a woman. Though being 30 she had maintained her figure, her stats were 34-26-38 .We reached her friend’s room “Wait here for a min” she said as she went inside the room giving me a horny look. Minutes later she came out wearing just a black bra and black panties, my eyes widened and I just sat there staring at her. “would you just stare or do something” she said. A second finger joins the first. Moving back-and-forth, it causes even more of my juices to flow. I’m moving uncontrollably in the seat of the car as I play with my pussy. Increasingly, the movements of my hands are constrained by the tightness of my panties as they are stretched to the limit.I stop. For just a moment. Just long enough to lift up my butt and slide my panties down to my thighs.My fingers again slip down between my parted legs and resume rubbing against my mons. It is now. ****They stopped to eat at ‘American Food, Wizarding Style,’ a new place with a menu having hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and milkshakes.“What’s a hot dog?” Ginny asked.“Oh, imagine a sausage, but much smaller, inside a piece of bread, sliced down the middle to hold the hot dog in place. I love them but get whatever you want.”He got a double hamburger, and a plate of French fries, and she got two hotdogs and put just about everything on the first one. Watching her eat was a blast for.

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