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I pulled the slip of paper out of the catalog page and it said, “perfect slip for under your new dress.”I put the paper back the way it was and ra... my finger down the slick color page. My cock was hard again and my mind was filled with every detail of the last few days and I wondered if I would spend my life with an erection. I wanted to study the catalog but remembered Char’s warning about a proper time and place.I pulled off my shirt and trousers and put on a robe to go wash up. As I passed. Guruvamma noticed it and she told me that I can comfortably sit in another house and also take some drink. I said it was alright but she and her husband insisted and so I went to another hut a little away and sat in a chair there. Soon one person came and gave me a quarter bottle of rum, soda and a glass and a plate of potato chips. Though I said I do not need it he insisted and I took it.I kept the items on another chair and mixed a drink and sipped it. In the hut many pockets were kept. "Come and dance with me Nancy, Do you mind Buzz?" No no, go right ahead." Buzz said knowing he had to say yes to hisboss.I followed Harry out to the dance floor and quickly started to dancewith him. Harry was about 50 and inches taller then me. He wasn't a badlooking guy but had a few extra pounds around his waist.Feeling my new girly powers, I seductively danced in front of him,turning around slowly as I moved my hips. I held his eyes on mine as Iopenly flirted with him.I know it wasn't right. Tom had removed my last line of defense, and I felt completely naked in spite of what little I was wearing. Tom slid down a bit and moved into my legs. He then took my ankles in his hands and pulled them around his body until I was spread wide before him. Sitting so close, he licked his lips like a predator assessing his prey, ready to pounce and eat me up, and that's just what I wanted. Ever so softly he began to stroke his hands up and down my stocking-clad legs, as though he appreciated them.

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