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Then one day I asked Divya did siddhart is your Boy Friend she said No he is only my friend I said OkOne day when they was Studying in afternoon I kno...k the door of Divya Room just said she is opening wait two min she took 5min. I said this much time she said me she was in washroom I said ok she asked me did you want some thing I said no like that only my room fan is not working so I came here she said ok I went inside Divya took Book and Started Study Divya was in T-Shirt and little bit wet. ” n i said in mind 2day i wil nt leave her so i said kaha dikhao she pointd towards refrigerator so i hold her hand n said mujhe malum hai i hold her hand v tight i cn c her sexy apearance i left her hand n said mera rum dekha hai she said mujhe nai dekhna i hold her hand n took to my flat n showd my flat n locked frm inside she noticd that bt didnt say anythng n i undstod i hugd her 4m behind n she told i knw that u want to do ths 4mMany days n she facd me n hugd me we kisd v tightly i pushd. "She open up your—ugh—cunt, baby girl?" Daddy asked between thrusts."Yes Daddy," I said, moving closer to the bed."Daddy can't wait to pound it hard," he groaned, more cum leaking from the tip of his cock into the container. "Fuck I need to cum."I looked at them both and the extreme amount of cum already in the bag with confusion."Your father hasn't orgasmed during his milking treatment. All of the cum you see there is just from milking his prostate for the last hour," Andre explained. "He. I thought nothing more of our conversation until a week later when he handed me a large carrier bag as we were leaving work. It was Friday and I was looking forward to my weekly visit to the Bengal Dynasty and I was in a hurry.“Mr Bill,” he called out waving a bag at me - Sanjay always called me Mr Bill.“Sunita cooked you a Biryani,” he said as he caught up with me. “It’s a chicken biryani. It just needs heating.”I was stunned. “Th-thank you very much,” I said. “Thank Sunita very much for me.”I.

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