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She started to cry and one by one her tears dropped into the pool. The ripples slowly cleared the leaves to the edges and she saw the surface shimmer....She saw herself, but not as she was that day. She wore a queens crown on her head and she was happy. She took it to be a promise from the gods and so she waited with newfound hope in her heart. The following summer another Prince came, but he wasn’t the one. Too aloof and boring. And to her surprise a second Prince arrived, but he too, failed to. “Yeah because if that happens our master will be punishing us for eternity.”Sophia now thought it was the right time to ask something.“Wait! Who’s your master?”“Sorry, Pervphia. We’re not allowed to tell you.” Eveline answered.“If we’d tell you. Again, eternal punishment!” Angelika continued“Wait! Can anyone see you?” Sophia looked around herself.“No! No one can see us except for you. But everyone can hear you talk to us. So, if you don’t want to sound like a lunatic, Pervphia. I would keep my. I suck on that cock in my mouth like a used whore, and I lick with my tongue along the bottom of that mega dick. Occasionally, when he has the maximum length in my throat, I even lick his balls, he really loves that and gets mega horny when I do it.Also, when he penetrates my cunt I can really feel those thick veins so much better. It touches every nerve in my cunt and gives me a mega horny feeling and very often I cum very quickly. In my cunt he pumps his cock deeper an deeper and my muscles. Except I left my books there and will have to go and get them after I finish my other homework.” “OK dear, but don’t be too late to bed. It is a school night after all. We’re all fit to collapse after being in the fields all day. Make sure you lock up properly when you come in. Don’t forget to say hi to Jamie and Francesca and that we’re still on for dinner on Saturday.” I couldn’t believe myself. Where had I come up with the idea of returning to Jamie’s to collect my books? What would.

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