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Or maybe even better! As I assessed the condition of the boat, it was clear that all she needed was a paint job on the hull and she’d be better I was impressed. ‘What do you think of her, Sir?’ A timid voice asked over my shoulder. ‘She’s magnificent,’ I allowed, turning to stare down into the upturned face and red swollen eyes of young Deborah Mason. ‘And to whom do we owe the credit for all the tidiness of this ship?’ She raised her hand up. ‘I had to keep busy, so I just kept. We had a bitch of a time finding a counselor who worked with transgendered people. We decided to send her and her sister Lauren, to a private school for the gifted where she could matriculate as a girl. Her ID would be Terry not Teddy. She loved the idea and we made it work financially. As a sophomore, she qualified for community college. Terry was always the smartest person in the room. While at college I asked her how it felt to be in a room with other smart people? She simply stated she was. She didn't seem angry or offended, in fact she had a very seductive look on her face... that was enough, Kyle stood up and kissed Mel and she returned the kiss. Hands explored wildly as clothes were ripped from one another. They stopped for breath and Kyle saw Mel standing in front of him with just a thong and her heels on.Mel laid her back on the sofa and beckoned him to join her. He got to his knees and kissed her leg. He kissed a trail upwards and parted her legs with his hands, the inside. After haggling with the old shop owner I was able to get him down to 50 and he just said to keep the junk inside.Later that week when I got around to looking inside there was a old wood cigar box under the old news papers and books inside with a old middle eastern style oil lamp. the thing was there was old journal with clipping from old newspapers in it from a 1800's talking about the lamp. It told of how it had been in the family for years but had passed hands quickly as each person had died.

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