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First I got afraid to go inside that I know the shop owner who is a friend of Rajesh, so went following worker.After 20 mins we go underground for mat...rial, the place is with dark lights, I asked the worker if anything will happen here then how, he smiled and said you sit in the office of our boss which has tv and seating area which his boss use rarely for rest. And I will bring material as it takes time and I said ok.Which “Ok” changed my lifestyle and made me gay prostitute………….I entered. “You wear the Yellow Sign” Magda gasped as she made out the curious symbol at its centre, picked out in sapphires. A faraway look came into Alexandra’s eyes.“I had it from his own hand” she said, “and it is mounted on a crucifix”. There was a shared moment of silence before she collected herself. “Your hair is so beautiful” she said, taking ivory combs from the bag. She piled the shimmering, copper curls on top of Magda’s head to bare her neck and shoulders then poured a pool of scented oil. In front of the screen facing the main entrance was a high desk about half the width of the hall, equipped with computer terminals like a hotel and with two smartly dressed female receptionists on duty. The only access to the rest of the house that Rachel could make out was by double doors in the screen on either side of the reception desk, but behind the screen she could see the upper flights of two broad staircases, each with a stairlift, leading to a glassed-in landing running round three. She uncovered her face to see Gabriel in a blind rage kicking the shit out of Donnie’s ribs. Gabriel picked Donnie up off the ground, marched him to the lake and tossed him in. ‘That should cool you off fucker. You touch her again and I will kill you. Do you understand me?’ Gabriel spat the words with such venom that Desiree didn’t doubt he would do it. Gabriel didn’t wait for an answer and he marched back to Desiree. ‘Are you okay?’ he asked in the tenderest voice she had ever heard him use.

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