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You worked at the gym for a few months last year, and then you just kind of “forgot” to give back the key, once you quit the job.As you punch in t...e code to turn of the alarm, you hear footsteps and look around, but you don’t see anyone, so you continue inside the gym. You walk through the mostly dark main room; the gym is part of a bigger building and doesn’t have a lot of windows. The main room is the only one that has any windows, which would make you visible from the outside, so you walk. " No problem, Mister C. You good customer, you say we make stain, we get it out for you," she smiled again. Sometimes the shop was so busy she had hardly time for a word but I'd been in often enough that I knew she liked to talk when she had the time. "We do whatever you need. We want keep your business."I smiled and pointed at the sign in the window. "You do alterations?" I asked. Just making conversation, I had actually seen Rose's husband back in the back working at a sewing machine on. ”Over the next half hour or so I got both barrels from Jenna. But, I was holding my own too. I was not going to be shit on again no matter what resulted from our meet up.“Okay, it done and over with,” I said. “It’s on the eighteenth. I’ll see about renting a tux. I haven’t had much occasion to do any of that in my life. I just hope the darn things aren’t too expensive.” I was smiling, but Jenna had a concerned look.“Jenna?” I said.“Daddy, they kinda are. But, I’m sure daddy Ron would pay...”. She was furious with the group. How dare they violate her, and rape her, they called her their slave. Did they actually think she would be theirs?? They would make her theirs, even if it was just for a little while. They had so many ideas on what to do to the object of their desire, they could keep doing this for a long time. Lori looked at the guys as she lubed up the ten inch strap on. Why dont you guys help us put her in a better position for this? Maybe bent over so I can fuck that hot,.

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