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”“Yes. I know. And if you mean by ‘freshen up’ what I think you mean then enjoy.”Callie smiled and turned to go. She loved her mother’s...attitude to life and hoped she would be the same. As she reached the door a thought struck her.“Why the new batteries though?” she said turning back. Her mother looked up from the paperwork and smiled.“The big black one seems to have run out.”“It can’t have. I only changed them……..”She left the sentence unfinished as the smile on her mother’s face had. Most were open, with blood pooling around her as she still did not respond. I tried to ask why, but the question died in my voice. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move. Something was wrong, everything was wrong, she was just fine moments ago. One of the event attendees turned around and saw me.I gazed back at him with my conscience in the back of my mind, before I recognized him. The face I previously couldn't identify turned out to be Jake, my old Kindergarten bully. I was too stunned to say. He waited for her near the bathroom door. When she opened it and stepped out he scooped her into his arms, carried her to her bed and gently flopped her onto it. He knelt beside her and covered her face with kisses. “I want to kiss every square inch of that beautiful, brown body of yours,” he said.She flopped onto her stomach. “Start with my back,” she said, lifting her arms and resting her face on the backs of her hands.Jason kissed her shoulders and worked his way down her back. He kissed her. "I doubled back three times to make sure." What about you, Paul?" Mike asked."Shit no, I wasn't followed," Paul snapped. "Come on, Harry, open the damn suitcase al ready."Harry shot Mike a nervous glance, his hand on the latch of the suitcase.Mike closed the door carefully. "Open it up," he ordered calmly.There wasn't even the sound of breathing as Harry snapped the latch open. All five held their breath as they stood around the table. Harry's hands shook as he slowly lifted the lid of the.

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