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A lot of dull computer manuals, she noticed. Figures. Alex is one of those dull computer guys.You’re jealous, said a different voice in her head. It...sounded like her mother. How repellent. And you need all the help you can get.A little harsh, perhaps, because Tracey was not unattractive; she had lustrous blonde hair, and, thanks to years of playing tennis, her body was youthful and firm. Her legs were her best assets, she thought. But next to her best friend, Emma, she felt like a little boy.. I'm so happy for you and glad you came today. I see you're wearing our colors, too." Jared said smiling brightly, glad for the break in the pre-game tension."We'll be rooting! So, umm, thanks again for everything Jared and maybe we'll see each other again if you ever get back to town to visit." She said shuffling her feet and looking for the right words to part with.She opened her arms and they kissed on the lips and hugged tenderly and then she turned to walk out, gave him one more small wave,. Then I move my hands over her towards to her breast and then my hand was on her boobs. It was round since it was my first time I was so excited. She only said that I am becoming naughty nowadays and asked me to take my hands from her on her boobs, but I did not and next she took my hand kept it away. But I did not stopped and again my hands went to her boobs this time I was pressing her boobs in excitement.She again took off my hands and said to me that I am her aunt (Z) and I must not do like. Once in his bedroom he turned on the bedstand lamp and got out of his clothes. Reaching under the pillow for his pajamas where he normally kept them he felt something strange. Lifting the pillow he discovered what looked like a frilly black piece of cloth, a single business envelope and a tube of K-Y jelly all wrapped up in his pajamas. Picking up the cloth object by one corner he was stunned to find that it looked like one of his mother's bras and he couldn't figure out how it got there of all.

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