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My two best friends and I delighted in making her airtight, i.e. a cock in her mouth, one in her ass, and a third in her pussy. Rumors were running am...k and reached the school administration. She was summarily discharged and was never able to get a teaching job again. I then set my sights on the wife of the football coach. I picked her because she was hot and her husband had cut me when I had gone out for the freshman football team. I hated the SOB! After some smooth moves, I bagged the bitch.. "Have you got a 'next of kin' or someone we can contact for your last rites? I'm afraid I don't say much for your chances, after Rhiannon gets done with you." For a moment, Barocca was silent. Then she hissed through clenched teeth. "As long as you're at it, you may as well make the final arrangements for Jordan here, too. She's fucked things up for me for the last time!" Jordan was livid. She hissed, "You lousy cunt!" and slapped Barocca hard across the face. Barocca stumbled back a. She pushed her fist towards her cervix and quickly stopped from the brutal pain. She wondered if she was going to far as her orgasm was still in control of her. Then she decided and told herself, “Fuck it.”She took a deep breath and started pushing deeper and deeper. Her grunts were trembling the deeper she went until she slowly pulled back. Taking another deep breath, she did it again and squealed. Again, she slowly pulled back but it felt like her orgasm was excepting what she was doing. Now. I grab Joy's ass and moan, "Fuck. I am cumming, baby."Joy continues to rock back and forth on my cock, milking as much of my cum as she can. I pull out and collapse on the bed.Joy continues to lick Destiney's pussy. Megan and Kate are now watching.Destiney says, "Don't stop; that feels so good. You are going to make me cum soon."Those words make my cock jump.Kate walks over to Joy and watches my cum dripping down her pussy lips. She leans in and starts licking Joy's pussy clean.My cock is back.

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