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Not only that, but he went to a clinic and got tested for STD’s so he could supply the necessary paperwork to go bareback. He needed it. He was driv...n to desperation and wanted to use the anonymity of the glory hole to get his release without putting his neck out. That’s what it seemed like, anyways. I had no way of really knowing unless I asked him, and I was pretty sure he never wanted to talk about tonight’s events again. With any luck, we could just pretend it never happened and go on with. Friday, March 24. Hello, Diary, it's me again. Connie has been begging me to tell her how I keep passing all my classes. I've been so bad, Diary, I keep teasing her about it, and then I told her that I would share my secret if she did that really neat trick on me with the vibrator again. You should have seen her eyes light up, Diary, I guess she really wanted to know my secret. That afternoon she came around to my place carrying this big paper bag with "Madame Lash's Toy Store" written on the. .. you are so strong and big ...Take off your clothes.Here?YesWhat will you do to me?Without answering her question, he began to undress the woman leaving the elegant attire on the kitchen floor along with the black underwear she was wearing. From the kitchen you could see the young man with his head buried in Monica's crotch, with the woman's thighs on his shoulders. She grabbed everything she could, trying to endure the pleasure that the young man's tongue and mouth produced inside her. Every. It was more of an update than anything, as he knew I only really cared about the results.When we got to the airstrip, both planes were on the runway and ready to go. I helped get the luggage stored as James and Cadence walked back to us. As James got the paperwork from Antonio, Cadence walked over, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me.“James and I talked a bit last night, and decided to wait a couple weeks before we come back so I have time to finish my ground schooling before we return..

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