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"Perfect, now I want you to push it. I want to see my cum leaking from your hole."I obeyed, and it was a little humiliating. But I loved the sound, an... as Tom's personal toy, it felt entrancing to be at his command, to trust him with my intimacy."That's fucking hot, James. That's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. God, your ass is so small."He went in the bedroom and came back a few seconds later with towels. I thought we were going to clean ourselves, but instead, he put them on. "My kingdom, safest when with one man mann'd, my mine of precious stones, my empery..."And he paused, kneeling there before her sex, struck to silence by the beauty of her glistening slit. "How am I blest," he whispered softly, "in thus discovering thee." Oh, Professor," Mia moaned, and Lucas bestowed a full, passionate kiss on her pussy, exploring the folds of her labia with the fullness of his tongue. She shuddered and lifted her hips, pressing her wet sex against his questing mouth, the. A battered pickup came screaming down our street. The truck braked after hitting the dog just long enough for the body to fly up off the bumper, over the cab, and then Dickwad landed in the bed of the truck.Tires squealed. Not only was my dog dead, but his body had been unknowingly spirited away. As dark as things were getting, I tried to look on any bright side I could. At least I didn't have to spend the next hour with a shovel in the backyard. The dead Dickwad was someone else's problem. He wanted to know if I was free nextSaturday for a date, dinner and drinks. I immediately replied that I wasand we made arrangements for him to pick me up at Renee's Saturday night.As we all fell asleep, I dreamed of being Mandy with a sexy guy.The entire week I was distracted at work and all I could think about wasthe coming weekend. Thursday came and I went to Renee's with a largesuitcase full of clothes and a garment bag of dresses. Before leaving forthe salon I shaved close and put my hair.

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