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Wow. Not only did the driver look like Jeff, he had the same name. We were not nasty drunk. We were dazed and confused, compliant drunk so we followed...his instructions. He asked each of the other three girls her name and where she lived. He told us he would be driving Naomi home first. He hadn’t asked me where I lived. I felt him shaking me from outside my open door. ‘Time to go in, Ashley,’ he said. He supported me as we walked to my front door. I awoke at noon. My head was pounding. I was in. I looked in Jeffs room, he and his brother were still asleep. I took my shower and put on my swimsuit and went downstairs. When I went to the kitchen Mr. Franks had breakfast ready. He said he was sorry for waking me but he loved my little dick and had to play with it. I smiled and said it's ok, I enjoyed him playing with it. He kissed my cheek and we ate. He said to go ahead and swim, he'll check on the boys and get them up to eat. After a couple of hours, he came out and said my mother wants. Mrs Blake had also pointed out that this would be a good wayfor me to "get into character." I looked at the windows to make sure Iwasn't being watched. Then again, even if I was I'm not sure I'd berecognised from this distance. I turned one more to Mrs Blake, who gaveme a thumbs up before driving away. I swallowed hard."Let's get this over with..."Well, you could have cut the tension at lunchtime with a chainsaw, noexaggeration. I sat at the table, the hem of my skirt folded neatlyunder my. He climbed down off the couch and went and sat down in a chair across from us. I reached down and held onto Bryce hips as he continued to thrust his mighty dick in and out of me. Again I was moaning and screaming with each powerful thrust. I have dreamed of this, he said to me. I have longed to feel your pussy wrapped around me, Brandi. Now I finally have and it is much better than any dream I ever had. Through my moans I told him that since the hot tub incident, I hadnt stopped wishing to feel.

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