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Jimmy uploaded the photos to his laptop, allowing Chloe to scan through the images to see what he'd shot."You take such beautiful shots, Jimmy!" Chloe...commented."Thanks!" Jimmy replied."If you're up for it, would you take some more?" Chloe asked."I guess. Haven't we got enough though?" Jimmy asked."Well, I wanted to try some more, sexier shots, if that's okay?" Chloe said, in hope."Oh. I guess!" he replied.Chloe stepped around the bed and began to go for sexier shots with each pose. Jimmy. "Would you lay down for us, Frank?" asked Monica, a pert, curly-headed blond.I got down on the floor and they all sat cross-legged down next to me and, looking side to side, I could see that only Isabel and Erika were wearing panties, the other two, both upperclassmen, were letting me see their pussies and they seemed to know it, too.Stephanie was the first to grip my cock."Mmm, you really get hard, Frank. Do you know how long it is?" Um, six and seven-eighths, my girlfriend in high school. Another flash of memory.My mother, weeping at the kitchen sink, was holding a sheaf of medical papers in her hand. She stared at the papers as if they were a palpable enemy that she could rend, tear, or kill. Her tears were hard and angry – but soft, and almost helpless. Hindsight cleared up so much, and I now know the anguish she felt as the sterile, white forms pronounced her death sentence.For millennia I lingered in the valley of death. There were no shadows in that valley, only blackness,. Confirmation that she had indeed heard him was obtained when he got home from work and went to the bedroom to change and found in the middle of the bed a couple of pillows on top of each other and a thick leather belt. His cock hardened with the thought that he was going to again be turning her buttocks red and the inevitability of the sex to follow.He did not mention his discovery when he went back downstairs but there was a lot of sexual tension in the air.Some two hours after he had returned.

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