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As I take it with my right hand, I put my left hand on the inside of your knee. You freeze and I rub my hand up and down the inside of your thigh whic... makes you shutter and starts my dick swelling. I tell you to back up. With you four feet away, I look you up and down. I see your face, your hair, your neck, your blouse with the bra showing through the thin fabric. I look down to your skirt, your black stockings and black pumps. You can see the lust in my eyes and it excites you. I tell you to. "I looked at my watch. "The clock is ticking." OK. Now you and I look a lot alike. You are slim, you have pale skin,and you'd have nice longish hair if you'd ever comb out those hippielocks of yours. I think that if I dress you in some of my clothes, giveyou a make over, add a lot of padding, and give you lessons infemininity, you could pass for me for a day. I'll tell Steve that I'dlove to see him, but I never feel comfortable kissing on the first date.That way you don't have to worry about. Brian's balls tightened up very close to his body as his moans got louder, so I leaned forward and started sucking his cock, still stroking him with my hand. He put his hand on the back of my head and was pushing my down, forcing his cock deeper down my throat. I could hear him mumbling, but I couldn't understand what until I felt it, his sperm hit the back of my throat with a force that choked me. I kept his cock burried in my throat untill every last drop was in my belly. I gagged a little. ”Puja dusri chabi lakar Anita ko de di. Anita ne chabi li.“Acha madam ji, main chalti hun kal se apka kam sambhal lungi.”“Are ase kaise, apni 10 din ki salary to leti ja,” Birju ne bola, “Teri madam, salary pehle deti hai.”Puja kuch bol na payi, par dekh rahi thi. Uske par srf 4000 rs bache the usme se 3300 ko Anita ko de diye to sirf 700 bach jayenge.“Han main abhi lati hun,” Puja purse mein se paise nikal kar le ayi. Socha ki aj 2000 aur Birju de hi dega.Birju: Chal ab tu ja. Kal se yha hi.

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