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Mai uska mazak udane lga ki tera lund chota hai kya tent to bna nhi boxer me. To usne kaha “Boxer utar ke dekh pta chl jaega”. Ab mujhse raha nhi ...aya aur mai uska lower utarne ke liye age bdha to usne kaha ki agar boxer utarega to lund muh me lena padega. Ab to mera lund ekdum tan gaya par mujhe dar bhi laga raha tha ki hmari dosti kharab na ho jaye. Par maine use chal be keh ke uska boxer utar diya. Uska lund kareeb 6″ ka tha aur thoda patla tha uska lund khade hote hi uska topa bahar nikl. It made me wince slightly as it smacked against my scrotum. “Wow she said, it’s bigger than I imagined, I shall struggle getting that in my mouth, I have to try though” I am convinced that her words may have actually made my cock grow even further. She dropped to her knees and slid my pants down my legs cupping my scrotum in her hands juggling my balls inside. There was no way I would be wagging my finger at her. Tentatively she moved towards my cock taking it in her other hand and starting to. Especially with what Daddy had planned for today.He was so hard, his cock tenting his leather pants. He, too, had his BDSM outfit on, black leather pants and a leather vest that showed off his muscular torso. It made him look so strong. So powerful. I quivered just looking at him, his dark-brown eyes almost swallowing me up.I loved him so much. I was so glad I was his slave.Daddy grabbed the leashes dangling from my half-sister and mother’s collars. He held all three in a tight fist. Mom opened. So I did it while he jacked up and down. He sorta made a sound as soon as I touched it. While I slid my palm around he jerked and then really quick he said, " I'm feelin it... I'm feelin it..." as he tensed up and then relaxed all over. I knew just what he felt... it's what I called "the feeling" for lack of knowing any other term. I don't recall having even heard the word 'orgasm' at that age. I was 9 and he was 10 and neither of us were into puberty, so he didn't ejaculate, but I felt a.

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