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Now my head was next to your feet and your head next to my feet. “Is this some kind of foot fetish thing?” I asked. “It may be a fetish thing,�... you said, “But it has nothing to do with feet.” You lifted your right leg and pulled my right arm between your legs. Then reached your right arm and gently took my cock in your hand. At this point I didn’t need any directions or explanation. I moved my hand between your legs and as I neared your pussy you opened the gates for me and made that wonderful. ..??Please!??You argued with me so I have to punish you. Surely you can see that you push me to discipline you when you argue???I did not mean to argue. I just wanted to tell you that I will do whatever you want. You know that I love you so much!??See! You are doing it again! You are questioning my decisions about your guidance. The punishment I have now decided is that you will have another three months of chastity on top of the first punishment. That means that you will still be locked up. I just had to flash him right away. It made me so hot knowing he was getting a thrill. When I first turned around,,,," her fingers were buried inside her and she rolled into fetal position on the bed. She rolled around on the bed making quirky noises as she pinched her nipple and played with herself. "Oh my god, he had a tent pole in his pants even before I dropped the towel. When I dropped the towel I thought it was going to bust through his pants." Again, she lost herself in the story and. Because we have our rules here, and Zach as much as I am a fan of you I wont hesitate to kill you if I have to. she said laughing and breaking the tension. I loved Tracy. She was an awesome mom and someone who could make anyone laugh. Tracy pulled off her coat and handed to me with a sweet would you be a dear? look and I couldnt help but comply, I put her coat in the entrance closet, and came back to the kitchen. Tracy went back to her room to change and I helped Sara grab plates. nice.

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