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Once we get your necessaries, I will get someone to pack it up and store it all next week.”He watched as the reality of what she had committed to se...tled over her face, and he was pleased to see she did not complain. She was a little uncertain, he could tell, but she was not balking. Even better. He could not wait until she was firmly in place with no real place to go. Not that he expected her to bolt, or run away, but once she was even more dependent upon him, he was sure he could mold her. She had long straight black hair, tied back by a huge pink ribbon, and a vaguely Asian-looking face that Mitch instantly classified as "cute". She was wearing a white blouse cut to emphasize her small bust, with short pink puffed sleeves. A gold belt held up a pink pleated miniskirt with white lace at the hem, and golden sandals with pink laces to the knee completed the ensemble. All in all, she would have been very pretty, if it weren't for that distraught look on her face. *I'm a. Me, I'd rather have watched paint dry. Play for five days and end up with a draw! Stupid.Both Maria and Lupe were growing baby bumps by now. Carlita hadn't said the word yet, so me and Kim were still practicing while I was making sure that Maria and Carlita got their fair share as well.Our biggest problem was Lupe. Being pregnant messed up her hormones and made her horny all the time. She was always visiting Miguel or one of the other neighbors. Once Carlita even let her try out the town. Her vagina was covered with rich black hairs. I placed my hands on her thighs and spread her legs wide apart. I parted her pubic hairs and her slightly blackish choot peeped out. It was glistening with her juices and I pushed my face towards her choot to inhale the sweet aroma of her honey juices. They were divine. I licked her choot dry. I further opened the portals of her choot and her pinkish slit and pink clitoris peeped out from behind. I started licking her inner thighs, slowly moving.

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