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After her day was done, I was invited to her small apartment at the back of the place, where she offered a free demonstration of her abilities.She did...a few readings of my palm lines, in regards to such matters of how my life and family have gone so far, and did so with a stunning degree of accuracy. I and my family have always held that our fates are all pre-ordained, unknowable, but to a handful of people…and it looked like Hopakaia is one of them.“You know Hopakaia, the future is already. After supper Brooke told us that we were welcome to stay, but she didn't need us to stay. She said that she would be fine. Grandfather was tired, but decided he'd rather go on in and not have a drive the next day. He wanted to be able to rest the next day at home. The limo driver took Grandfather and me into the City. We got to the apartment at ten.The doorman had a note for me from Carolyn. It read, "If you're not too tired, come down and have a drink after your Grandfather goes to. ” Ashriel sat back, straddling her and feeling insulted. He felt his wings rising in irritation again. “I have fought legions of demons and devils. You think me weak?” She rolled her eyes. “Baby, I didn’t mean it like that. Fighting supernatural beings comes easy to you, but your powers don’t affect beings from our universe.” “You think me weak,” he hissed incensed, getting up off the bed. Feeling shamed and angry, he stalked out of her room. “Ashriel? Wait. Don’t be such a big baby.” . When she brought the second round of drinks in to the room, she came round towards us sat on the couch.She passed T his drink and her housecoat became undone revealing her white bra and panties. T looked at me as I looked at him, he smiled and I nodded towards her and mouthed ‘go for it’. T asked her if she wanted to sit down, she said “Thanks” and flopped down between us her housecoat gaped open, I turned towards her and slipped my hand over her breast.T was watching and mum touched his face.

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