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I thrust my tongue into her passion-moisten depths and she lets out such a perfect squealing moan that makes me want her all the more. My tongue darts...inside of her, she bucks her hips at me, making the need for her stronger. Her musky scent is all I can smell and it’s so wonderfully heady. She is so beautiful, so innocent, and so perfect. I take her hips and pull her closer into me. I suck her clit into my mouth and hum deeply; she writhes under me, almost cursing in overwhelming need. She. I assure her that I was just headed to the gym and it wouldn't kill me if I missed one day. Once hearing this Eva asked if she could tag along and that it might do her some good to vent some frustrations. I say, "Of course! It will give us even more time to catch up!" But already my mind is racing down a dangerous path. I couldn't stop, all I thought about was how good she would look in tight workout capris, that would show off her perfect taught ass...yes, I couldn't help from grazing it with. Then you put both hands on my ass and pull me up a little towards you and thrust in deep and start doing it harder and faster. A man up front says, Oh, God, hes fucking her, but I ignore him and concentrate on kissing you again and enjoy feeling your dick hit the back of my cunt. All too soon its over. Your dick has only been in me for a couple of minutes when you say, Shit, Im gonna come, and you groan and you pump harder into me and then you stop and I swear I can feel your dick pulsing,. Radha chup chap bheti hui sun rahi ti aur sabko dekh rahi ti.Subash-Chal randi sabse phele mein tujhe chodunga.Suraj-Phele mein chodunga meri wajah se hum ye sab kar pa rahe hai.Me-Mein phele chodunga kyoki bhen meri hai.Sabme bhes ho gayi itne me nishant bol sallo kya lad rahe ho ek sath chod lenge ye sun radha ki ankho se ansau nikal aye aur vo ghabra gayi aur mana karne lagiNishant-Jada natak mt kar salli tu karke to dekh tujhe bhaut maja ayega.Rajiv-jannat mil jayegi agar sabne saath choda.

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