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I grasp her waist and pull her to me as my own orgasm washes through me. Feeling my sperm fill her womb causes her to have another orgasm. I stand the...e part leaning on the couch while we gasp for air.When Melody gains control of her breathing she looks at me and smiles, saying, “It’s been way too long since I last had such a good fucking.” Her expression changes to fright as she says, “Oh, shit, it’s my fertile time and I’m not using any contraceptives.”I look at her, saying, “Be at peace,. I boiled the kettle, heated the jug, put in the coffee and added the water. Duty done! I could now go and join my princess in the shower.I went back to the bathroom and couldn't see her for steam. I opened the door of the shower only to be hauled inside and enveloped in a slippery bear hug. I hung on to that. It's not often enough that you have a beautiful, young woman sliding her body all over you. I grasped her bottom and, kneading it, pulled her hips to mine and kissed her. She ground her. All I knew was that for some inexplicable reason, Paul had turned away from me. I think I would have been able to understand and handle it better had he turned argumentative, or irritable, or even vicious and violent. The coin of strong emotions has two sides, after all, and one expects a great love to breed great antagonisms as a sort of natural fallout. Instead, Paul simply withdrew. He grew morose and uncommunicative, and took to spending long periods away from our apartment. Although it was. "What about Nancy's eyes? I mean, she and Steve went into Spokane to see a specialist--" Oh, I'm sure she has just a temporary condition," he said. "She's going to see me tomorrow." Oh, good!" Toni exclaimed, feeling relieved. She had confidence in Doctor Nash. He was a very appealing kind of guy, and she hoped that Nancy would open her eyes and pour on a little charm. "What about your very cute young receptionist?" She split for the big city this morning," he smiled. "I'm looking for a new.

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