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I was a student and I would take the train from Harvard to Quincy. One day, I was returning home very late, close to midnight. I usually got into the ...ast car of the train, because it would usually be less crowded. On this particular trip, I was the lone person on the car (probably next one also).A couple of minutes later, I realized I was totally alone in a public space and that brought back my frequent fantasy of masturbating in a public space. As luck would have it, I was already pretty. " Edward, you're a nice guy that people won't talk about if we're seen together. And, there are some things that you did to me that I think I liked. If I hadn't been so stressed out by your camera trick, I may have enjoyed it more." Oh, what things?," I asked."Well, I'd rather not get specific but if you would take me out again, I could get a better idea of what I liked." Would lover's lane be appropriate for what you have in mind?" Uh, this is a secret that I'm reluctant to divulge, but. Mary sensed I was hiding something. “Was there anything else?”I took a deep breath and said, “Yes sweetheart, I dreamed that you were in a dark place and calling out to me to help find you, but I couldn’t.”She looked at me with deep concern. “You had a nightmare about me?”“I guess you could say that. I wish I could remember more, but I can’t.”When we got down to the kitchen, Bob was already awake and Greg had fixed coffee. The five of us decided to stop for some breakfast at a little ‘Ma and. I was hoping the door was ajar but it was closed shut. Then he slid down a bit and pulled my bottoms down. I didn’t raise my hips to let it off easily but he pulled hard anyway. I shaved that night in preparation for my major-hood but I guess it became a fucking treat for him.He lapped my pussy. He didn’t care about what I felt. He just wanted his tongue on my clit and his fingers violating my cunt. It was not the least bit erotic. It was a wet tongue and a thick set of fingers. I knew he.

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