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“Drink?”“Yes please, something long and cool,” she replied.He took our order and went back to the bar. Sally whispered, “As the beach as so ...mpty I think I’ll go topless.” With that she unclipped her bikini top, placed it beside the sun lounger and laid back stretched her arms over her head, her pink nipples sticking upwards already hard.Wesley reappeared, his eyes fixed on Sally’s breast, “Mmm nice.”Sally smiled, “Nothing you haven’t already seen.” If he hadn’t been so dark skinned I’m sure we. Dipping my finger into the warm soft chocolate, I start to trace on your body with my fingertip. Spreading the chocolate on your lips and chin, on your neck and chest, on your nipples and a straight line down your stomach, and finally spreading a liberal amount on your penis. I coat the entire tip and a thick line down to your balls where I spread the rest of the chocolate. I reach behind me and remove the hair clip and let my hair fall down my back. Using my fingers to loosen my hair, I shake. ” She laughed and winked at him. “Will you charge me if I need a massage after soccer practice?” she playfully asked.“No, giving you a massage would be my pleasure and always free.”Richard knew that he had reeled her in a bit and needed to change tactics to get what he wanted, since he didn’t know how far he could push her voluntarily. The next Friday she was changing into her pajamas to get ready to give him his weekly massage and he walked into her room suddenly while she was completely. Suddenly, I heard a noise and my eyes flew open. It was in the kitchen. Someone was up and getting a drink. I heard the refrigerator door open and close. I laid there trying to stay silent as I heard footsteps come closer towards the living room. I closed my eyes and readjusted myself so that my cut off t-shirt was riding up my chest a little bit. I laid there with my arms stretched above my head and gave whoever it was a nice view of my slender neckline. I heard a gasp of breath and some.

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