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I saw immediately that my words were having an effect on him. I sat back down beside him but moved my chair a bit closer as l did so. I crossed my and my skirt rode up revealing plenty of thigh.He said that being married was not always as good as some people made out, especially when the wife was not interested in the physical side of things. I said that was terrible, that l didn’t understand women like that, l said that l believed a good sex life was crucial to a relationship, l said. I needed to get cleaned up so I walked to the bathroom. I came back with a cloth to clean up Mark's cock. I told Mark that as I hadn't had a boyfriend for so long I was lonley. Mark said that he would take care of my needs if I wanted him to.It was like Christmas when my son said he would fuck me whenever I needed it. We both got showered and dressed. I was on pins and needles that whole day. I couldn't wait until Mark took me again as his lover. I didn't have long to waitlong. That evening I. Ohh! I don’t know that my beta has now become grown up and can attract to his own mother. I still was thinking you are my small c***d. Yes mom your small c***d has now became big man and able to take care of his mom very well. Suddenly, tears started to float in her eyes. I consoled her. She was still sobbing and said I eagerly waiting for this time that when my c***d will become big and I live with him! You don’t know that when was in home I suffered a lot because of your father. He always was. "Ron sputtered, "I'm going to hang up Elly?" He waiting for a response and knew he could not, at least not yet, hang up.Her voice turned ugly and she spat at the phone, almost shouting, "You are going to sit there and listen to me get fucked in the ass you bastard!" A sudden grunt and then a lengthy silence before she spoke again, "Oh Ron... Jerry had me wear a butt plug this last hour and I am all ready for him now I think... !" A lengthy guttural groan and then more silence.Ron knew he should.

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