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Now I was totally all theirs, tattooed and collared to them forever and I couldn't be more happy. We spent most of the weekend in the room having sex....But we would go down for meals well I would get to go down for lunch and dinner, not breakfast since their cum was going to be my breakfast from now on. They also had the a special low table and pillow for me to be sitting on the floor next to my Masters. Masters had two pictures made with us. One at the wedding with me in a chair and them behind. She put her hands on his, feeling him pull her back into a sitting position, feeling the blonde boy’s tongue deep in her pussy, while her partner in crime rode the cock she was excited to have in her soon. Figuring he must be close, Jamie pulled herself away from Lucas, turning around to give him a little kiss, before turning to Erin. She playfully nipped at Erin’s nipple, before watching Lucas thrust up into her. After he relaxed back onto the bed, Jamie watched Erin as she slowly lifted. Take your wet fingers out and slowly begin to rub your assholeYou: yes, what?Stranger: Yes masterYou: does that feel goodStranger: Yes master what ever you tell me feels goodYou: lick your finger again and slowly slip it into your assholeStranger: Yes masterYou: try to slide another inStranger: Yes master ooooYou: do you like your master fucking your ass?Stranger: Yes master fick me more pleaseStranger: Fuck*You: slide another finger in your asshole. start to rub your cunt with your other. Marcia woke with a start. She tried to sit up and change position, but quickly figured out that she was securely tied to the bed. She felt a heavy body drop onto her from behind. A strong hand clamped over her mouth. “If you stay quiet, you won’t be hurt.” a rough voice rasped in her ear. She tried to look at him but realized that she was blindfolded too! She dimly became aware of a vibrating in her pussy. He had pulled away and was somewhere behind her. She felt his thumb as he began to rub.

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