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I went to the bathroom after lunch. I had never seen a unisex bathroom before, there were three full sized doors, 2 with the ladies symbol, one with t...e male symbol and a half door, I’m going to assume was an urinal. I entered the closest woman’s stall. As I was peeing I noticed a hard cock coming through a hole in the wall between the men’s stall and mine. I didn’t even think twice and I began sucking his cock, it didn’t take long before I was swallowing his cum and I didn’t get a drop on my. The cunts we usually provided were from the "wrong side of town". It was easier to grab them because they hung out in all the shady places. But this one, this one was different. We got lucky. She was from the same class as the women in the camp - and they realized it. And they were going to make her pay for it. I almost felt sorry for her - almost.I watched as my helper dumped her ass on the ground at my client's feet. He was impressed with her, I knew it. He liked her refinement, he liked. K.a. MILF_pussy_4_u, and it is from her perspective I hope she likes it! I can not wait to get home. Shopping all day while drinking wine has really filled my bladder. I get so excited shopping that sometimes forget to use the bathroom and now im paying the price! One more left turn and im on my block. Whew my house is in site! Ahhh there's the Day family outside waving as I pass. I smile and wave back. It's just Mr and Mrs Day, I don't see their son Cid anywhere. He's such a nice k**. And. She had a thick bush down. She was completely exposed now. Carl and Nina seemed as if they were raping her with their eyes. She kept her clothes besides mine and turned towards me and looked me in my eyes. I could see how much she loved me and was ready to do anything for me even if it hurt her rules and ethics. As I saw her I looked at her lovely breasts and the only time I see her naked is when we have sex my mind raced up again and my dick stood completely erect. I saw Carl and I could see.

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