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. OH ... OH it feels so ... UHHHHHH!” Coming so quickly it was not a big climax, but it was deep and sincere; every set of sex organs in the room re...cted to her sob of pleasure.When she got her breath back I continued.“I ... and now everybody else, can tell you like it. You are so tight it will be difficult for me to last. My plan is to pleasure you like this, I am greedy so I want my cock to feel your big climax while it is inside your body. I want to see your pretty face when it happens.. But something in my gut told me that it wasn't the case. Something in me knew that I wasn't alone on this floor, but I had no idea who would be up here as well. I picked up the pace trying to get to the elevators. A low whistle came from behind me and my heart froze. I wasn't alone. I broke out into a run but I wasn't fast enough to escape from the attacker. I was pulled up and against a large body and a hand was slapped over my face. I fought against him. If I was going down, I wasn't going. Perhaps I will claim dominion over the day ... and many other things.”Jessica raised a hand as Lilith prepared to depart.“Mistress! One more thing, if I may?”“Quickly.”“God. You spoke his Hebrew name ... is he not watching as we do all this? Will he not be angry? Should we not fear his vengeance?”Lilith’s laugh started as a low, throaty rumble before erupting into a sustained gale. She threw her head back and her curvy body shook for several long moments as she chortled with glee, her massive. Let’s get started. I’ve got to get these pants off before it’s too late. Squeeze tight and stand straight over the toilet while I face you and sit on the bare edge of the toilet. Now bend your knees and lower yourself over me as I lean back. That’s it. Take me as deep as you can. Ooh, that’s good! I don’t think this is going to work. Just wait a few moments and let’s see. I think it’s coming. Oh, oh here it comes! And so it did, like a garden hose flow of 98.6 degree water running down my dick.

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