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She'd come downstairs after dressing and asked me how she looked, I told her she looked like a typical English rose, which she did and she beamed with...pleasure, then lifted her dress and showed me her underwear!The contrast was so bloody sexy, I wanted to cancel the pub but she threatened me with death if I did,"This is just like a date" she said laughingly, "And I'm going to enjoy it"We both enjoyed it even though we talked about her recent nightmare,"What about the house mum?" I asked and she. Her lips pressed against mine, so gentle and yet setting off fires of desire in my mind and body; softly she moves about to my cheeks, chin, brows and forehead while caressing my chest, her hands up under my shirt. I could not hold back my wild laughter and squirming as her fingers found each ticklish spot; the constant tease also caused my burning desires to build up layer upon layer.Quicker than lightning she eased my shorts down, allowing my manhood to be free to the winds; or at least to. (I want to put it inside first. I will suck you later. I will satisfy you fully.)” I didn’t need any more encouragement. It felt like my cock grew a few more inches.She took the cock and put it at the entrance of her pussy and she sat down on it. It felt tight. I gasped and opened my mouth. She was tight and wet… It felt warm and happy for my cock. She started moving up and down on my cock and she was also moaning and breathing hard. I held her hips and helped her to jump on my cock faster and. .” I said with a grin. “You’ve NEVER had a sexual experience like the one when you let another man shoot a load in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat. It was mind bending counting the number of shots as I swallowed your cum.”As I still sat out on the deck, I watched him stretch his lithesome body and then like a gazelle run out of sight down the beach until he was out of sight. Then I would sit on the deck counting my blessings until he came back into.

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