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BV: (Sounding excited) I do have a charming black lace slip with little flowers around the bodice and hemline. It makes me feel so... so... feminine.S...: You can't begin to know how that makes me feel. Tell me darling; if I were to slowly lift that slip over your knees just what would I see?BV: Well, I am wearing a perfectly wonderful pair of powder blue bikini panties with lace and the most darling bows. Isn't that exciting?SV: It sure is, I'm drooling at the thought. But I was thinking more of. It was nice to see her ample rump in her white nurses uniform. Her white lacy slip was visible just above knee height. The uniform was tight round her bottom. A hint of a panty line. Oooh! I liked her. we talked about about what we knew, she always cane in her car wearing a dress, she changed in her office the dress off the nurse uniform on. We said we would like to see her change. We guessed at the kind of knickers she wore, did she wear stockings? she was now bending lower, fixing a plaster I. It was a good thing because my flight to Germany was delayed by three days. I made it back just as the unit fell out for the morning formation.We were busy getting ready to move. Everything had to be packed up. Crates had to be built to pack the small items such as hand tools and equipment. We were moving to an area where there were no quarters. This was raw land and rough. However the prevailing winds would make a great landing strip extending the length of the valley. We had to construct. If she thought he was being inappropriate, she could file a sexual harassment claim and end his teaching career.I edited her to ask him out instead.“Well, you have a good day,” Bob said. “I got to teach the freshman what a kernel is and how it’s not anything that has to do with food.”Kernel? What did that have to do with computers? “Good luck.”I head into my classroom and sat down as my students filtered in. Courtney Franks, my daughter’s friend, flashed me a huge grin as she sat down. I.

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