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Bernie came in from behind us and settled across the way, his eyes on Farris' arm -- the one connected to my ass at the hand. "So," he murmured."Yes,"...Farris nodded.That was the whole conversation; I don't think I'll ever understand men ... Trinity, originally Bernie's sister-in-law, I think, said brightly, "So, Harriet -- you're hooked up?"I couldn't think of much to say -- embarrassment was a big part of it. "Uh huh." It's about time!" She grinned from ear to ear. "You go, Girl!" Trinity was. Danny wraps his arms tightly around Kandi, feeling the warmth of her firm breasts against his eager chest. She squeezes his well-tanned butt, pulling his most precious parts snuggly against her abdomen. Instinctively, he thrusts forward, as if he found her inner depths. She massages his shapely cheeks down to the bone. In the cool brisk breeze, he continues to thrust his hardening hammer, as she reaches to kiss him. His tongue enters her spring-fresh mouth, as her tongue eagerly receives it, as. Shewas lying on her side with her back to me. I moved to her, fitting my bodyagainst hers so that my stiff prick was pressed into the cleft of her fullbuttocks through the thin silk of her nightdress. I lay for a whileenjoying the closeness and the sensuous feelings of her soft arse againstmy prick. I gently put my hand round her on to the soft flesh of her innerthigh through the slit in her sheer nightdress and slowly slid it up to hercunt. She sighed in her sleep and rolled half on to her. They were describing the bike path that ran along the river just a little past the apartment building complex and before bus transit station. I knew the area pretty well because the bus I usually take to get home from school crosses over the bike path. The one guy told the other how he'd met a man there and he ended up getting a great blowjob in the bushes. Overhearing this story of pure and primal casual sex between men made my dick instantly hard and I couldn't stop fantasizing about going.

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