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I knew it is going to be really easy to make him sleep with me.I didn’t know what Isha was doing but Teja’s eyes were still stuck towards the room...while handing over me the water. I sensed an opportunity there and improvised a little. I deliberately dropped the bottle and the water spilled all over me.My Kurti became wet and my bra was clearly visible through it. The kurti tuck to my body and it formed an apple shape near my tummy area. As test to Teja I asked him to paint my portrait. I. Jetha apne hath samne le ke babita ke boobs dabane lagta hai…Babita:- oh jetha ji bahoot mazaa … Aaaa rahaaa haiiiii… Aaaaah us kaaleeee…. Iyer ne aisa kabhi nahi kiya…. Aaaaah fuck me jetha ji come on…. Aaahhh oooohh fuck mu ass…. Faaad daalooo….Jetha :- ha babitaaaa jiiii mai bhi….Then dono aise hi jhad jaate hain…Fir kapde pehen kar apne compartmnt me jaate hai… Waha sab soye the.. Daya bhi….Ab dono ek kiss kar ke so jaate hai…Raat ke 3 baj rahe hai doosre compartmnt me gogi ke neend khul. We freshen our makeup in the huge mirror. I powder my nose, chin andforehead, then re-apply my lipstick. Jennie does the same.We gather our purses and head back to the table."That was an adventure," I say to Mom when we get back. "A lot differentthan the boys room at school. Much prettier," I giggle."Oh, that WAS your first visit to the Ladies' Room right ,honey?" asksMom. "What did you think?" I loved it." Ooooh! These are cute." We are standing at a rack of matching jeans andtops. The jeans. I let go and moved my hand away. I opened up the jelly pot and I poured the lube onto my fingers. ‘Don’t move,’ I whispered on his ear. With my lubed up fingers, I began to insert them into his little tiny asshole. I slipped in one finger, then a second and then wriggled them around, loosening him up again, Then I pulled my fingers out and pressed my new strap-on against his now gaping hole. ‘This is your last gift, Vic” I whispered again. ‘Remember it is huge as you are, babe” I giggled.

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