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I knew everything that was going on around me... i enjoyed itFreezer Guy: Why did he ask you that? Did he know that this was your fantasy?FrozenGirl: ...o... he didn't it was wierd... i really think he was scared to let me know he liked it... but he found out i did... and from then on i would freeze... now he especially liked it when i had a dress and hose on, and heels he would freeze me and take my shoes off and well... Freezer Guy: Cool!Freezer Guy: But when was the first time you really. "Women visitors are only allowed inside if their hands are tied behind them." You're making this up. You just want to tie me up." So why would I want to tie you up?" I don't know. Guys like to tie women up sometimes. It makes them feel superior or like they're in charge or something."I stepped very close to her; my sport coat brushed against her breasts. "Karen, is there any doubt in your mind which one of us is in charge?", I asked, speaking softly."No," she replied even more softly. "No,. I went to the bathroom, Daddy wanted me to take all the latex of, I needed a shower he said, I needed to get cooled down, so slowly I took the hood of, and then piece by piece until I was all naked.Daddy had turned on the water, so that I could wash my cloth at the same time.Daddy left me while I did what I was asked to do, but only to come back with brutal dildo I never got all inside of me, the one that was so big, that I never thought I could take, but daddy believed I could learn it.Are you. However, this was a night like no other. I took the hint and my lips connected with hers as one of my hands slid down her side, cupping her firm ass while the other held her side keeping her close to me as our kiss. We continued kissing for what seemed like hours. Finally, Fran broke it off and smile at me with a lust filled look in her eyes, biting her lip."Fancy coming back to mine for some more beer?" I asked with a seductive grin. It must have worked because she smiled and nodded. She rose.

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