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Part of it, though, was that she figured it might be the only education he got on sexual matters. She was well aware of how mono-maniacal he told, Mel loved the job of educating her brother. By the time Matt entered high school, Mel was working on her degree at a top business school. Too career-oriented for any long-term relationships, she was also unimpressed with the ability of the typical collegiate male to treat a date properly. Gently but constantly, she taught Matt. It helped. Eventually, though, the experiences Sally had been through in the previous months, and which had matured her in strange ways, broke through her reserve. She held out the candlestick."I brought this for you to repair," she said softly."Oh!" said Hugh, shaking loose from his torpor. "What's wrong with it?" It wiggles," said Sally. Since the candlestick was in her hands, instead of on a table, she couldn't display the problem. For whatever reason, she wiggled her body instead.Hugh stared at a. Then I thought of something else, so I ran back to the phone and went through its memory to find Steve’s number. I phoned him and asked if he and Dan could meet us at the bus stop this side of the park ‘cause we didn’t want to walk through the park on our own at this time of night. He said no problem, so I hung up and we left. We made sure to leave some lights on so it looked like someone was home and locked the door. Then we headed up the street, me pushing Angie in the stroller and Tara. "I came here to see you."This made Glenda a little more curious."Are you...dressed?" Rosa surmised aloud. "If not, don't worry. We'reboth women here. I won't mind if you're naked."Glenda smirked. "Why doesn't that surprise me?" Hesitantly, she pulledthe door open wider. "Get in. Quick."Rosa wiggled her way in, after which Glenda quickly shut the door.The golden blond-haired woman blushed as Rosa turned to face her. A widesmile formed on her face as she stared at the new tenant's rejuvenatedbody.

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