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She could see light through the slits between the planks, but could not really see what was happening outside. She could not move, or make a sound eve... if she would want, as they transported her through the airport. She was passed through what looked like a big X-Ray machine for luggage, and heard some laughs. She then was transported out of the airport and loaded onto a truck.She was nearly certain Juan either sold her or took her for himself, and she was being transported to her new prison.. She eventually lost trackof how long she was under the water and frankly, she didn't care.Strands of her hair continuously waved in front of her now opened eyes.Kristen was a swimmer for her school's team but rarely opened her eyesunder water due to the irritation. Strangely she had no trouble now.Kristen couldn't see but these eyes had changed from hazel to a greenhue. She noticed her hair had become a darker red and curly though sheshrugged it off as just the water playing tricks on her eyes.. At the same time, she kissed my balls and flicked her tongue there. Ohh she was making me mad! Kaveri moved her hands on my cock slowly, making sure I derive maximum pleasure. She kissed the shaft and started licking it from the bottom to the tip. Then she flickered her tongue at the neck of my cock. It sent a current inside me and I released a moan. Kaveri looked at me and said, “I want to hear you moan louder. Let out all your grief…I’m here to take care of you.”I flung my head back and. Blitz saw the rocket being fired at the flying girl and started to power up. A police officer saw the flickering of the lightning that started to dance between his fingers and came running, "Hey you! What the hell do you think you're doing?"Molten intervened and pulled out his Federal ID. "Official business, we're a backup for the president's protection."The policeman looked at the ID and badge, and grudgingly said, "Oh well okay then. But I do have to verify this with my superiors."Molten.

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