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I could stick my tongue out far enough to touch my nose, I could roll my R’s, I could eat a cherry and tie the stem into a knot without taking it ou... of my mouth, and I could contort my tongue into a cloverleaf shape. I read in one of those strange facts books that less than 5% of the population can do all of those things. I was thankful now for all the weird, strange things I could do with my tongue. I was determined to make sure than my first time giving oral pleasure to a girl was just as. ”I sat up, stretched and swung my legs out and stood up. I bent over and reached under the covers and fished my panties and Brad’s boxers out from the foot of the bed. I threw Brad’s boxers to him and said, “Come on, lazy bones, let’s take a shower. There is room for two.” I took my robe off the hook on the back of the door. I put it on and slipped my panties into the pocket while getting an eye full of Brad’s morning woody as he got up and slipped his boxers on.As we walked down the hall, Jake. We lay there for nearly half an hour until he was hard again. Then I got up and lay over the sofa and opened my legs as far as they would go. Then he was inside me again pumping away. I had had one orgasm and was about to have another when the connection went a bit dull. The mains timer had kicked in. the usb hub was still connecting us but were no longer charging the chips. With the conection not being so strong I was able to finish my orgasm before the chip died. Well I thought that worked. “Lets take it somewhere a little more comfortable.” Angel led him upstairs, still holding his hand, and led him to her bedroom. She laid on the bed, unaware that she’d be in the same place the following morning, wet and horny from the thoughts of her and Dom. Lying in bed alone now, Angel desperately wanted Dom’s company again. After taking him to her bedroom last night he had taken off her knickers, laid on the bed between her legs and had given her the most amazing oral sex she had yet.

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