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We hit it off over the phone very well and Kei Kei's interest switched from my nephew to me. We started to date. Kei Kei already had two c***dren so ... didn't feel like I was violating in any way by being so much older than her. Kei Kei was butter soft, she was lightweight, easy to position, always warm and very receptive to my touch. She wasn't a dick sucker but she loved to have her pussy licked and sucked and that was something I could do well. I would have her stand in the bed, hold the. Her tight pussy was pumping my cock for all it was worth. We lay there motionless, her pussy still gripping my softening cock, trying to hold it inside of her. It finally slipped from her grip. She whispered in my ear, “I didn’t think Fucking could feel so Good!” I replied, “I know.”We kissed, deeply tongues battling, I know at that point we were not just brother and sister, but lovers for life.“I feel your cum dripping out of my pussy!”“Let me see. “ As I rolled her over on her back, legs. “I feel great! Probably better than I have in a long time.”“Better than even before the accident?”“I think so. Probably better than since I joined the Navy.”“You’ve put a lot of miles on that car since it was new, and you just got a comprehensive overhaul. They didn’t fix anything that was flat-out broken, like a cavity filling, but everything that was run down has been tuned up. Did you ever have your tonsils or appendix out?”“My tonsils, yes, when I was a kid. I still have my. That was the end of that conversation and we went on as if nothing had happened. Then one afternoon when it was just my mother and I in the house. she said she was going to take a shower so I figured that I would get a look. So I peeked in through the crack in the door and what I saw got me hard instantly. My mother was standing in the shower with her hand between her legs and she was moaning. She is a short woman, not skinny but far from fat, she has huge tits that swing low and the biggest.

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