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“Now suck my nipples like a baby, pull on my nipples by grating them with your teeth, be rough on them.” She was getting louder and wilder as she breathing hard. She had a wild look on her face as she humped my hand. Also she was squeezing the breast that I was sucking on, her milk kept squirting into my mouth and I really loved the taste of her warm breast milk. “Oh, lover, I knew that you were what I needed, what I missed.” She was struggling to breath when she blurted out. “Oh yea, shove. Sure, it wasn’t joy or even melancholy that I was feeling, but the memories, they stung only a little bit just then.I knocked on the door and heard Muireann reply. I pushed my head in, finding that she was both off the phone and indeed dressed once more in her earlier clothes. The dress was out of sight, presumably folded back into the closed shoebox that sat on my desk.“That was a quick call,” I remarked.“Aye,” she said, even as she looked outside.“Is ... everything all right?”Muireann gave me. He was a knockout, not only good looking and an adorable loveable personality; he was really that brilliant a mind working as fast as a computer. Maybe he did take all the good genes. “Yea yea, what a waste, all that brain and all you care about is screwing girls, you typical guy.”Darren stopped flexing and studied Autumn, she was genuinely annoyed, not the first time he’s seen this side of her since he’s been back. Every time he’s seen it it’s been whenever she was talking about a guy.“You. ”“Like you did in getting married to a fifteen year old girl with a baby?”“I’d rather keep my family separated from this business. But yes. Besides, it’s not her baby. It’s her sister’s, who died. We just adopted her.”“And you intend to stay married to her? You know that it may raise some eyebrows.”“For the time being yes. At least until the citizenship issue is resolved. But we intend to keep a very low profile on that.”He looked at me intently for a moment before nodding. I was quite sure.

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