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" I'm Sam," she said. "From Vancouver." She took my hand, and her grip was surprisingly firm. "Very glad to meet you, and that's not just a polite right now." Bad day, huh?" I smiled."You have no idea. I missed my connecting flight in Montreal, and then the airline lost my luggage. Permanently, it seems. All I have with me is what's in the carry-on. I've been in the same clothes for forty-eight hours now. If it wasn't for the fact that I always carry deodorant in my purse, I'd have this. He always appreciated a sexy sight, even if his penis was dead to the world. "I know what you're saying. And I think that's why I was mostly okay with the submissive sex thing last night, because I wasn't in control and had no responsibilities, so I didn't have to worry. But I feel guilty. I mean, I'm getting blown and stroked all the time, but when was the last time I went down on a woman? I'm too selfish with my sexual habits as it is. Like, have you heard of the stealth stroking we do here. Her warm, hard nipples were sensitive to the touch and each time I pinched them Sandy let out a cute moan. I pulled her up so that I could pleasure her tits with my mouth. She pulled her pants down and began to run her clit as I licked and stroked her hard nipples. Angelica was now taking my cock deep in her mouth. Her mouth was warm and she was shinning my cock up with spit. She was gagging on my cock so much her eye liner began to run. She looked so dirty it turned me on. I sat up pulled. It had the exact same feel as a female vulva lubricated by the juices of sexual excitement. And, in the exact same way that the organ of a woman in heat would, it squeezed and milked his cock.Cock. He thought for a moment that he might have sensed a warm penis pressing against his buttocks just at the split-second that he shot his wad into the vagina. No! It couldn't be.But, who could say? This whole damn thing was so fuckin' crazy. Phantoms in the night. Phantom hand. Phantom pussy. Sure, why.

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