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Her toes were curling and her hair fell around her face then fell back and away as her head jerked down and then back. She felt him feeding her tight ...itten with his greedy cock.It happened. She was crying now and she had waited so long. Her body shook and she felt that tingling rush spreading out and away from her wet, sticky pussy. He grunted and he felt her cumming for him. Again she gripped his shoulders, with her fingernails digging into his flesh. He wanted to cum. He pumped once more,. He stroked himself slowly thinking of her, how she would feel sitting on him. How her lips would feel as they ran the length of his cock right now. He groaned again and slipped a hand inside his shorts, thinking of the beauty he would have shared that four poster bed with had he not woken up. He leaned over and grabbed a tissue, feeling his load build as he worked his hand harder and faster up and down his shaft. He came quickly, not unlike he had when he was a teen and unable to control his. Again, she sighed softly, and felt her body start to go weak and she leaned against him. His arms went around her waist, and tickled even more at her belly. He whispered softly into her ear that she was absolutely beautiful, and asked if she minded him being so forward. She shook her head no at once, and nuzzled her head back against him. He continued his assault of the senses with a mind-numbing array of licks, nibbles, and kisses to her neck, and ear lobe. Soon, his tongue had worked its way. The sun was still beating down and both women were gettingrather hot and slightly red so Tricia erected the sun umbrella over thepatio table and chairs for shade and suggested they change out of theirwet bikinis and into something dry and more comfortable. As Fiona's dresswas wet Tricia offered to find her something of hers to wear and departedtoo raid her wardrobe. Strappy sundresses were the order of the day andwith dry underwear supplied they resumed their seats, cold drinks in handand.

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