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"Lick him clean!"Lynn locked herself in the bathroom, managing to get the door shut behind her before the tears started streaming down her face. Plung...d into the deepest despair she had ever experienced, the blackmailed young wife sat on the edge of the toilet and cried piteously into a towel to muffle the noise, hoping that no one would overhear her and realize how seriously this was affecting her.Gradually, her sobs came to an end and she faced herself in the mirror to do some repair work on. She had also tugged aside her panties, allowing his finger to explore her moist folds."Mmm. She's going to go down on me now. Pay attention. Girls know things that a guy has to spend years learning," Jill said as the image of her on the television reclined on the bed. She also chose that moment to pull down his underwear, exposing his naked cock to her caress.The camera zoomed in close, showing Gina's tongue snaking out."See how she's just using the tip of her tongue and swirling it all over?. Perhaps Mum wants her man to give her a really good servicing. Angie, my other sister, wouldn't be shocked to hear Mum fucking, as regular readers will know, but perhaps she thought Beth would be horrified. To look at Bethany, you'd certainly think that she was still at the convent. She's quiet and shy on first meeting, and doesn't seem to wear revealing tops or jeans. She was always close to her Mum, and adopted easily Mum's strict attitudes when we were young concerning religion and sex. She. ” With that, she whips off her top and with a squeal jumps in the water. “Hell, yes,” shouts Chelsea jumping up on the dock she strips off her top and then jumps back into the water. She swims over to Annie, “Come on, girl, join the fun,” she says. She reaches over and unties Annie’s top letting it fall in the water. Annie starts to protest, but Chelsea just scoops it up and tosses it onto the dock; she dunks Annie and takes off swimming across the pond. Annie comes up sputtering and sees.

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